How to choose a cutting board

Cutting board is one of the most needed items in the kitchen. Without it, it is impossible to cut bread or make a sandwich, crumble a salad or fry potatoes. No, of course, all this can be done on a plate or countertop. But why such sacrifices, when it’s easier to buy an ordinary cutting board, or rather a few.

Why you can not wash dishes with sponges

Every day we wash dishes, sink and other household appliances. For these purposes, we often use special sponges. Everyone knows that using this tool is not a very hygienic way out. Rospotrebnadzor generally banned the use of sponges for washing dishes in the field of catering.

How to decorate a table

In order for the festive table to please its beauty, it is not necessary to be a professional in the chef's business. Using a little imagination, you will be able to independently build jewelry from an unusual cut of the simplest products. How to decorate a table with your own hands using sliced ​​products Sausage flowers.

Do-it-yourself dog grooming table

Dogs of all breeds need regular grooming. It is important not only to monitor the nutrition and health of the pet, but also to make a haircut. Especially when it comes to preparing for exhibition events. A professional haircut implies the availability of necessary tools and equipment. A haircut table is an integral part of the quality process, after which the pet will become beautiful and attractive.

Can I lay laminate on laminate

Repair is a difficult and long stage in the life of every family. The design update includes wall and floor finishes. However, often a good laminate or linoleum remains on the floor, which is a pity to remove. In this regard, the question arises whether it is necessary to remove the old flooring in order to lay a new one. If the question arose whether it is possible to lay the laminate on the old flooring, first of all you need to look at the condition of the old flooring.

What is parquet?

Parquet has long been used as flooring and is still at the peak of popularity. This is a stylish natural material that looks beautiful and original in any interior. In addition, it adds a special chic to the design and gives the room some nobility. What is parquet Parquet is a small wooden dice made of hard and thick wood to provide flooring a long period of operation.